CDCTA Spring Horse Trials - 2018

Event Date: Sunday April 8, 2018

Open Date: February 20     Close Date: March 20


USEF/ USEA Recognized

Levels offered: Preliminary, Training, Novice, Beginner Novice & Intro


Send Entries to:

Lisa Mendell, P.O. Box 446, Flint Hill, VA 22627

(540) 635-0287, [email protected]

or enter electronically through Xentry at


Org: Michael Mendell, P.O. Box 446, Flint Hill, VA 22627 540-635-0287 [email protected]

Don't forget to include your VA Bred and TIP Award Entry Form with your entry!

CDCTA Fall Horse Trials - 2018

Event Date: Sunday September 16, 2018

Open Date: July 31     Close Date: August 28


USEF/ USEA Recognized

Levels offered: Preliminary, Training, Novice, Beginner Novice & Intro


CDCTA has moved the HT to Berryville,VA for the Spring 2016 HT!

CDCTA moved to Locust Hill Farm in the fall of 2005.  Thanks to the generosity of Mike and Betty Long we have been hosting our Horse Trials in their hay fields twice a year, spring and fall, 2005 - 2015.


Low Score CDCTA Member Spring Horse Trials I – Meghan Stehly & Brit's Party Favor  27.5  BN

Low Score CDCTA Member Spring Horse Trials II – Kathleen Cannon & Tribal Prospect  22.5  BN

Rebel Colony Award for Combined Spring and Fall Low Score (Same Rider and Horse in Novice or below) – Kathleen Cannon & Tribal Prospect  BN  Combined Score:  54.0

 2014  Low Score CDCTA Member Spring Horse Trials – Lisa Mendell & Teslin Bay – CDCTA Spring Horse Trials Open Novice 23.9

Low Score CDCTA Member Fall Horse Trials – ***No Fall HT***

Rebel Colony Award for Combined Spring and Fall Low Score (Same Rider and Horse in Novice or below) – ***No Fall HT*** Not awarded.


Low Score CDCTA Member Spring Horse Trials – Claudia Sarnoff & Vendi – 30 points Novice Horse


Low Score CDCTA Member Fall Horse Trials – Ildiko Foreman & Oryor – 27.6 points Beginner Novice Rider



Rebel Colony Award for Combined Spring and Fall Low Score (Same Rider and Horse in Novice or below) – Alexandra Arabak & Geez Louise –  Spring Beginner Novice and Fall Novice – Total 94.4 points









Low Score Spring Horse Trials – Jonathan Sonkin & Taatje Von Jorrit – 31.4 points

Low Score Fall Horse Trials      -  Nicole Danow & All Attitude – 30 points

Rebel Colony (combined Spring and Fall) – Rachel Parker & Amberjack’s Contessa – 65.5 points


Low score for Spring HT is Cathy Gulick and Jamieson with 32.6

Low Score for Fall HT is Sharon Miller and Some Kind of Wonderful with 29.5

Low score for Fall and Spring combined is Cathy Gulick and Jamieson with 65.8

Judith Lamb and Plaza Time were a close second with 66.2



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Not so long ago we spent 10 years running over world class ground at the home of the Virginia Gold Cup - Great Meadow.

Did you know that the first two years at Great Meadow we ran Dressage and Show Jumping at Commonwealth Park and XC at Great Meadow on Monday?  Coleen Hersson was the new organizer for the new Preliminary and Intermediate Courses contested at Great Meadow. To the right is Noel Hersson and Wise Up Lil Susie jumping down the waterfalls during our inaugural run at Great Meadow.







(In the words of Emmett Turner)  The course at Commonwealth Park was originally training level only and was built for a USPC National Championship.  The dates were August 2-3, 1985. The Seneca Valley PC in Maryland was the overall organizer for the championships.  Parts were divided out to other clubs and VA Region managed the Combined Training section.   Colonel Clarence Edmunds was head of the Ground Jury and Gen. Burton was the Technical Delegate.  Seneca Valley ran an event there the next year, adding the novice course.  They ran for 3 years until they had enough money to build the course they now have in Maryland.  Dr. Scott asked me if CDCTA would like to take over the event.  I said yes but it was too close time wise to the DRPC event so Janet Gunn was the first organizer.  Then she and I alternated the spring and fall dates for a few years.  


From the CDCTA Newletter in January, 1989 


"...the major new activity for 1989 will be the organizing of the Spring and Fall, USCTA egistered, Commonwealth Horse Trials at Commonwealth Park in Culpeper.  Seneca Valley Pony Club, which has run the horse trials since their inception is now concentrating on their own event in Maryland and there were no volunteers to take over the event.  We feel it is important to keep these horse trials on the calendar, as the most centrally located USCTA event in Virginia."  





Kentucky - the way we used to do the long format 3 Day






Culpeper street in national Top 10 - Culpeper's Davis Street named

one of 10 best streets in America. 
Date published: 10/4/2011


Thirty years ago, there were parts of Culpeper's Davis Street that people were afraid to walk down--even during daylight hours.

Today the American Planning Association has named that revitalized street as one of its Top 10 Great Streets in America.

Culpeper's grass-roots effort to reclaim this all-but-abandoned street led the APA to its designation. That effort, begun in the 1980s, has restored both the look and character of what was Culpeper's main avenue of commerce before shopping centers came into vogue.

"More than 20 years ago, Culpeper had the vision to join the Main Street Program and revitalize its downtown into a showcase," said Mayor Chip Coleman. "That hard work has paid off, making downtown Culpeper, particularly Davis Street, a tourist destination, with its fine restaurants and eclectic shops."

The Top 10 streets are among destinations that are part of the APA's Great Places in America program, which recognizes sites that have been revitalized by planning that feature diverse architectural styles, promotes community involvement and accessibility, and fosters eco-nomic opportunity.

"Our forefathers dreamed of a downtown with shops, eateries and services on the ground level, with living quarters above," Vice Mayor Billy Yowell said. "Davis Street continues that mixed-use approach today.

"Much has changed during the 250 years that Culpeper was formed, but much has remained the same, making downtown Culpeper and Davis Street a warm and exciting place to visit."

Fifty neighborhoods, 50 streets and 40 public squares have made the APA's annual Top 10 list since the group began its Great Places in America program in 2007. This year's list includes U Street in Washington and King Street in Alexandria.

Davis Street's revitalization effort is the result of a number of community partnerships--including the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce and Culpeper Renaissance, about $40 million in private investment and some 25,000 volunteer hours.

Culpeper is now a Main Street Community with a trolley system and Amtrak service. In 1993, it was named one of America's Top 10 Small Towns.

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